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UW//LA Awards

UW//LA Awards is a juried competition run by the UW Department of Landscape Architecture. Students submit studio or thesis projects, which are reviewed by a jury of academic and professional landscape architects for Honor and Merit awards. 

2021 UW//LA Awards

Foundation Studios

Submissions Miro Board

Honor Awards

Seyyada Burney – Material Signatures

Seyyada Burney, Felipe Perez, Zachary McBride, and Jesse Sleamaker – South Delridge Resiliency Coalition

Stephanie Roh – Circular Succession

Merit Award

Ava Ross – Cutting Time

Advanced Studios

Submissions Miro Board


Yen-Hao/Robby Lai, Colin MacDonald, Allie Rowe – Gathering Ground

Yen-Hao/Robby Lai – Forefront


Emilio Craddock, Emma Petersen – Framing Restoration: Vision for the Heron Meadow and Vashon Nature Center

Zoe Kasperzyk – A Living Pier: Reclaiming Connections to the Salish Sea through Local Indigenous Knowledge

Reed Lewis – The Chasm

Capstone Projects

Submissions Miro Board


Shanshan Shang – The Living Harmony Mengting Ye – Lifeline in Kampong: Adaptable Emergency Hub Networks for Flood Resilience


Yen-Hao/Robby Lai – Biomimicry: making the forgotten space alive

Yuqing Zhang, Zian Zheng – Bridging the blue and green


Submissions Miro Board


Peter Samuels – Marking Risk and Response: Design Interventions to Support Citizen Science Monitoring of the Trans Mountain Pipelines

Bennet Walker Song – First, Let us Look Together . through forests, trees, wood, and building


Rebecca Bachman – Reimagining the amphibious city: From health data to ecological design in an Amazonian informal community

Krista Doersch – Pier Pressure: Addressing Ecological Opportunities of Nearshore Infrastructure in Lake Washington’s Union Bay

Olivia Lott – Give Me A Clean Death: Rethinking Our Modern Death-Care System

Niccolò Piacentini – Liberating Rivers

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work and congrats to all the winners!

Thesis Jury:

Studio Project Jury: