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Incoming Student Information

Welcome to UW’s Department of Landscape Architecture!

Below are information and links to help you prepare for your first quarter in the MLA or BLA program. Students moving to Seattle should plan to arrive by Sunday, September 15, 2024.

Autumn 2024 Important Dates and Activities

Design Prep Week Info

Monday, Sept 16 – Friday, Sept 20

9:00 – 12:00 Session 1
12:00 – 1:30 Lunch Break
1:30 – 4:30 Session 2

All incoming BLA + MLA I (3-year track) students are required to attend.
For MLA II (2-year track) students who are new to Seattle, we recommend you attend the afternoon sessions.

BLA + MLA I $200 (all day)
MLA II $100 (afternoon session only)
Payment link and deadline TBA

REQUIRED: Please RSVP for Design Prep Week and Orientation here.

Equipment + Supplies List: For MLA I and BLAs
The list is a combined list for Prep Week (Prep), LARCH 401 (Studio), LARCH 411 (Representation) and LARCH 431 (Landform).

  • Required items are indicated (see the left most column).  
  • Bolded items (second column) are required for Prep Week and should be purchased before Sept 16
  • Recommendations for a specific brand, size or type are provided if there are multiple options available.  Indicated with “REC”.
  • Columns at right indicate the course(s) in which you will use the equipment or supply, in case you have questions.  
  • PREP = items needed for Design Prep Week, purchase before Sept 16.
  • WK 1 = purchase before or during the first week of classes.


Monday, Sept 23 – Department of Landscape Architecture
Tuesday, Sept 24 – College of Built Environments

U501 Graduate School Orientation – a self-guided, online resource for graduate students

CBE Design Charrette (optional)


First Day of Classes

Wednesday, Sept 25

Incoming Students Directory

The UW//LA Incoming Students Directory is an “opt-in” resource for new students; your participation is optional.  The intent of the online directory is to make connecting with other incoming students easier.  The directory will only be shared with MLA + BLA incoming students who submit their contact information.  Once your information is submitted, you will be given access to the directory.  Although not a hard deadline, we recommend students who are interested in the directory submit their information by July 1.

If you would like to participate, please complete this form.

Incoming MLA Students Information

Incoming BLA Students Information

Visit our Current Students page and click the “Undergraduate Resources” tab for these essential program documents:

  • BLA Program Guideinformation about policies and requirements, facilities and helpful hints
  • BLA Curriculum Guideexplains course requirements, sequencing, and waiver requirements
  • BLA Requirements Checklistdepartment form to track student’s progress fulfilling degree requirements
  • BLA Course Sequence Chartsoutlines when courses should be taken to complete degree on time
  • BLA Directed Electives – all pre-approved courses for Directed Electives pulled from the BLA Curriculum Guide
    • Autumn 2024 BLA Directed Electives – quarter-specific lists will be published by wk 6 of the previous quarter at the top of the Courses page.

Current UW students
Change of Major forms are being submitted to declare your new major. You’ll officially be listed as a BLA student beginning Autumn 2024.

Transfer students
UW admissions has been informed that you’ve been accepted into the BLA program. You should receive additional information from UW soon. Once you are officially accepted into UW, work with your adviser to begin Autumn registration.

Autumn registration
For your first term in the program, you will be registered for the following courses:

  • L ARCH 401 Design Foundations Studio
  • L ARCH 411 Landscape Representation
  • L ARCH 431 Landform and Grading
  • L ARCH 341 Site Design and Planning (unless you’ve already completed this course)

This course load equals 15 credits (12 credits if you’ve already completed L ARCH 341). This is an appropriate course load for your first term in the program.
However, if you have space in your schedule and would like to take something else, please register for that yourself.


Incoming International Students Information


Resources – All Students

You can find other information on the Current Students Page.

Other questions? Department support is available:

Jennie Li, BLA + MLA Program Adviser (Staff)

Ken Yocom, BLA Program Coordinator (Faculty)
Julie Parrett, MLA Program Coordinator (Faculty)