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Urban Ecological Design

Our department is committed to leading an interdisciplinary approach to explore, examine and further Urban Ecological Design through our research, teaching and service. Explore our program pillars, research, and community engagement.

Program Pillars

  • UW//LA JEDI Newsletter AUT ’22

    December 8, 2022

    Our Department JEDI Committee Malka Hoffman's studio project from Winter quarter 2022. Scroll down to our Student Features section for a close up detail! The 2022-2023 UW//LA Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee includes Lynne Manzo (faculty, CBE Diversity council co-chair), Kat Golladay (second year MLA student, UWASLA JEDI chair), and Jennie Li (staff)…

  • Autumn Quarter - End of Quarter Review Schedule

    December 5, 2022

    Come check out the projects our students have been working on all quarter long : )!

  • Sherry Xu (MLA '22) in Kubota Garden Foundation Newsletter

    December 2, 2022

    Meet Sherry Xu When I first entered Kubota Garden, I was struck by its unique and traditional Japanese landscape features. I wanted to know more about how such a beautiful Japanese garden was designed, built, developed, and maintained, so I decided to volunteer with the Kubota Garden Foundation. To learn more about Kubota Garden, I…

  • WASLA: ASLA 2022 National Conference Stipend Recipients

    December 2, 2022

    Congratulations to the 2022 ASLA National Conference Stipend recipients, Kove Janeski and Natalie Weiss (both MLA '24), and Emerging Professionals Rebecca Bachman and Lauren Iversen (both MLA '20). . Thanks to the generous support of our local ASLA - Washington Chapter, our students were able to attend this year’s ASLA Conference in San Francisco and visit field sites such as Albany Bulb…

  • Amy Wagenfeld awarded for ASLA Outstanding Service

    November 30, 2022

    Affiliate Associate Professor Amy Wagenfeld received the ASLA Outstanding Service Award this past November at the 2022 ASLA Conference in San Francisco. After serving as an officer for the ASLA Children’s Outdoor Environments Professional Practice Network, Amy Wagenfeld eventually co-chaired the PPN in 2015.  And after her two-year term, she has continued to stay involved as a…

  • Catherine De Almeida in Landscape Architecture Magazine

    November 23, 2022

    If you've flipped through the November issue of LAM, you may have seen Assistant Professor Catherine De Almeida's important review of Fresh Banana Leaves by Jessica Hernandez. . "In a field that alters landscapes, aspires to cultivate human–environment relationships, and offers avenues for thinking and designing across multiple scales, there is much landscape architects can learn from the stories…

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