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Student experience

Our students (about 40 BLA and 80 MLA) take courses that range from practice-focused studios; to hands-on courses in the technical skills (like landscape construction and digital graphics); to lectures and seminars to learn the contextual background (history and theory) necessary to become as landscape architects. They bring these together in capstones, internships, and independent research. These projects allow our students to apply the knowledge they gain and to guide their learning experience.

This page gives a sense of the experience of students in the program including a few tours of the spaces where our students work and some stories that highlight the incredible opportunities our students have participated in and created for themselves. Enjoy!

Take a Tour of Gould Hall including the landscape studios

Virtual Open House Tour [PDF]

Take a Tour of Makerspaces at CBE

  • BLA Design-Build featured on the Arboretum Foundation Website

    April 7, 2023

    Our Woodland Creek Design Build is featured in this season’s Arboretum Foundation newsletter. The graduating class of BLAs did an amazing job renovating the former drainage pipe. To read more great details about the students’ work, check out this article from the Arboretum Foundation website.

  • Shantol Morgan (BLA 2025) awarded inaugural LAF Ignite Scholarship

    January 9, 2023

    We are thrilled to announce Shantol Morgan, BLA 2025, is a recipient of the LAF Ignite Scholarship, joining an inaugural cohort of four students. Congratulations, Shantol!

  • Sherry Xu (MLA ’22) in Kubota Garden Foundation Newsletter

    December 2, 2022

    Meet Sherry Xu When I first entered Kubota Garden, I was struck by its unique and traditional Japanese landscape features. I wanted to know more about how such a beautiful Japanese garden was designed, built, developed, and maintained, so I decided to volunteer with the Kubota Garden Foundation. To learn more about Kubota Garden, I…

  • WASLA: ASLA 2022 National Conference Stipend Recipients

    December 2, 2022

    Congratulations to the 2022 ASLA National Conference Stipend recipients, Kove Janeski and Natalie Weiss (both MLA ’24), and Emerging Professionals Rebecca Bachman and Lauren Iversen (both MLA ’20). Thanks to the generous support of our local ASLA – Washington Chapter, our students were able to attend this year’s ASLA Conference in San Francisco.

  • Eve Wang (BLA ’24) featured in UW Farm Weekly Newsletter

    November 18, 2022

    Around The Farm By Yixuan Wang (Eve), UW Farm AST Intern, College of Built Environments, majoring in Landscape Architecture How can landscape architects foster better urban farming communities? As a landscape architecture student, I have a different perspective of the farm. Looking at farming through the lens of architecture and designing spaces, I see an…

  • Kove Janeski (MLA ’24) featured in UW Farm Weekly Newsletter

    November 4, 2022

    Around The Farm By Kove Janeski, UW Farm Student Staff – Organic Farming and Operations Lead It’s Winter Squash Season! The UW Farm is constantly seeking out rare, culturally significant crop varieties that may be adaptable to our pacific northwest climate. This season, one of those crops was the Seminole pumpkin. Being native to Florida, this squash does…

  • Emily Saeger featured in Freeway Park Newsletter

    October 6, 2022

    Freeway Park In Profile The Faces of our Community  Courtesy of Freeway Park Association Newsletter Name:  Emily Adelia Saeger Occupation/s:  Graduate student – Master’s of Landscape Architecture ‘23 @ UW & Botanical Artist What brings you to the Park?  Freeway Park is a unique urban park design – it spans a major freeway, connecting two severed halves…

  • Future Food Forest: Radical Landscapes for Uncertain Times

    August 18, 2022

    Students in the summer studio led by Elizabeth Umbanhowar present their installation for the Seattle Design Festival titled “Future Food Forest: Radical Landscapes for Uncertain Times”. The festival took place August 20th and 21st at Lake Union Park from 10-7. Their installation at the Seattle Design Festival represent what a loss of biodiversity would look…

  • Summer Design Build 2022 in Traena, Norway

    August 12, 2022

    We welcome back some of our students who went to Traena, Norway to complete their Design/Build with Daniel Winterbottom and co-instructors Luka Jelusic and Mate Rupic!  A group of 16 students, some matriculated at UW, left the US in the middle of June 2022 to work on a design/build project on a small island off…