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Professional Advisory Council (PAC)

The Professional Advisory Council (PAC) is a volunteer group of practicing landscape architects, formed to support the Department’s teaching, outreach and fundraising efforts.

The PAC participates in various departmental events, serves as a sounding board for the Chair, and provides valuable input to the Department on professional issues, trends and opportunities as they relate to the teaching of landscape architecture. In doing so, it connects the Department with the professional community, grounds the program in actual practice, and expands the capacity of the Department at a time when University resources are limited.

2023 – 2024 Members
Morteza Behrooz – Seattle Parks + Rec
Bobo Cai – Framework
Mike Faulkner – Bruce Dees & Associates / WASLA rep
Brook Goodwin – Environmental Works
Matt Grosser – BE Ph.D. program / Recent Alum
Myles Harvery – Hewitt
Gar-Yun Ho – Fora
Laura Laney – Berger Partnership
Chuck Lennox – Lennox InsitesAshley Ludwig (PAC Co-Chair) – ABLE Studio
Joel Miller – Seattle Department of Transportation
Jake Minden – Mithun
Nic Morin (PAC Co-Chair) – Environmental Works
Patrick Nelligan – Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Ltd
Rhiannon Neuville – Swift Company
Jack O’Hea – WSDOT
Steph Roh – Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Ltd
Claudia Sackett Hennum – MIG
Shawn Stankewich – Swift Company
Wanqin Su – BluelineSarah Wallace – Swift Company


2022 – 2023 Members
Christine Abbott – Berger Partnership
Jack Alderman – Hewitt
Matt Grosser – GGLO
Jordan Bell – Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Ltd
Laura Durgerian – Mithun
Mike Faulkner – Bruce Dees & Associates, WASLA
Thomas Fawthrop – previously Seattle Public Utilities
Brook Goodwin – Environmental Works
Myles Harvey – Hewitt
Gar-Yun Ho – Weisman Design Group
Zoe Kasperzyk – Mithun / Recent Alum
Chuck Lennox – Lennox Insites
Janice Liang – Seattle Parks + Rec
Ashley Ludwig – ABLE Studio
Jake Minden – Mithun
Nic Morin (PAC Co-Chair) – Environmental Works
Rhiannon Neuville (PAC Co-Chair) – Swift Company
Betsy Severtsen – City of Renton
Shawn Stankewich – Swift Company
Wanqin Su – Blueline
Cindy Talley – Osborn Consulting
Sarah Wallace – Swift Company