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The Class of 1959 Endowment

Yes, we did it! Many thanks to the generous donors and supporters who helped us raise $52,486 by June 30 to surpass our goal of $50,000. This brings the total endowment of the scholarship to more than $225,000 including additional match from the University. We would like to thank especially the UW Class of 1959 for initiating this generous gift and members of our Professional Advisory Council for spearheading the effort to raise additional funds to receive the match. Our donors include more than 480 alumni, families, friends, firms, and even current students. Their support is a testament to our collective commitment to higher education and the field of landscape architecture. Inspired by the Class of 1959’s effort in preserving the historic Quad and our beloved campus landscape, it is also evidence of our community’s support for making and preserving great public spaces for all. Congratulations to the very first group of students who received the scholarship this year – Elizabeth (Betsy) Anderson, Graham Golbuff, Ali Masterson, Joel Miller, and Michael Schwindeller.Jeff Hou
Dixie Porter (’59) with the 2015 Class of ’59 Scholarship recipients [pictured left to right]: Rhys van Bemmel (MLA ’16), Stevie Koepp (MLA/MARCH ’18 candidate), Marta Olson (MLA ’16 candidate), James Wohlers (MLA ’16), and Winnie Gu (MLA ’16).
Dixie Porter (’59) with the 2014 Class of ’59 Scholarship recipients [pictured left to right]: Tim Lehman (MUP/MLA ’16 candidate), Fern Huynh (BLA ’16 candidate), Patrick Pirtle (MLA ’15 candidate), Roxanne Lee (MLA ’16 candidate), and Scott Boetjer (MLA ’15 candidate).
The Class of 1959 Endowment has assisted me not only in an economic sense, but provided inspiration and created value of the work myself and my colleagues undertake each day to shape and improve our built environments. Public spaces such as the UW Quad were not the primary focus of leading North American landscape architects in the late 50s, and that a group of students from that era found those spaces so compelling truly put them on the cutting edge. Their valuing of what spaces can be and recognition of those who work to shape those spaces is nothing less than commendable, and ultimately inspired me to contribute some to the fund myself, perpetuating the cycle of helping shape space and facilitating the change in space that occurs naturally.

Graham Golbuff
MLA 2015

Before starting my MLA program at UW, travelling and seeing the world was both my passion and my job. Seeing spaces around the world, how people use space and how space affects people, led me directly to the field of Landscape Architecture. When I became a student I believed my travelling days were on-hold, and I would only be able to afford to see the world’s landscapes through a classroom. However, the generous Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship has allowed me to keep my summer job as a bicycle tour guide, and continue to discover new landscapes across the globe.

Joel Miller
MLA 2015

Thank you to all of our donors !

  • $5,000 +
Mrs. Lynn & Dr. Robert Brunton
Mrs. Patricia & Mr. J. Arnold Gaillard
Mr. Lex & Mrs. Diane (D) Gamble
Mr. John & Mrs. Marli Iverson
Mr. Thomas Nisbet
Mr. J. Gary & Mrs. OJ Shansby
Mr. Donald Ewing & Mrs. Barbara Swift
Ms. Sally West
  • $2,500 – $4,999
ALTA Planning and Design
Mr. Jeffrey Hou
Mr. Arlen & Mrs. Debra Prentice
Mrs. Priscilla & Mr. John Privat
Mr. W. Thomas & Mrs. Dixie Jo Porter
Ms. Victoria Sutter
Mr. James & Mrs. Roberta Weymouth
Mr. Hugh & Ms. Stephanie White
  • $1,000 – $2,499
Mr. Earl Anderson (D)
Ms. Janice Anderson
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Dianne Arensberg
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Judy Curran
Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Virginia Dees
Ms. Barbara Deutsch
RainBird Irrigation – Representative Christen Funk
Mrs. Marilyn & Mr. J. Walter Gearhart
Dr. Dale & Mrs. Susan Hall
Mr. James & Mrs. Timotha Hollomon
The Honorable Peter & Mrs. Sally Bergren Jarvis
Mr. Edmund & Mrs. Marilyn Jensen
Mr. James Kenyon
Mrs. Sally & Mr. Richard Maider
Mrs. Patsy & Mr. Terrence Matz
Mr. Henry & Mrs. Sandi Newton
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Patricia Otley
Ms. Mary Poppe
Mrs. Tina & Mr. Patrick Ragen Jr.
Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Ann Ryles
Mr. Lawrence Ross
Mr. John & Mrs. Reiko Sato
Mr. John & Mrs. Christine Sells
Ms. Patricia Shields
Mrs. Helen & Mr. Carl Smalling
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.
Hewitt Architects
Iron Age Designs
John Y. & Reiko E. Sato Foundation Trust
Kenyon Company
KPFF Consulting Engineers
Ragen & Associates, LLC
The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
  • $500 – $999
Mrs. Lou Ann & David Casper
Mr. John & Mrs. Patricia Clearman
Ms. Sharene & Mr. Zac Elander
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Barbara Engel Jr.
Mr. Carl & Mrs. Betty Hogan
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Mr. Frederick & Mrs. JoAnn von Lubken Jr.
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Lynn Lucurell
Dr. James & Mrs. Anne MacLean
Mr. Edwin & Mrs. Irene McRory
Mr. Laurie & Mrs. Gail Miller
Mr. Lowery & Mrs. Judith Mounger Jr.
Mr. Timothy Griffith & Ms. Kirsten Murray
Mrs. Isa Nelson
Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Nancy Reid
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Jean Shoemaker
Mr. Edwin (D) & Mrs. Beverly Suhrbier
Ms. Elizabeth Umbanhowar
Mr. Philip & Mrs. Carol Walker
Professor Thaisa Way
The Berger Partnership, P.S.
Cold Spring Granite Company
GLY Construction, Inc.
Landscape Forms, Inc.
Lease Crutcher Lewis Builds
Mutual Materials Company
Newton Kight, LLP Retirement Trust
Olson Kundig Architects
  • $100 – $499
Mr. Nobumitsu Aihara
Mr. Scott & Mrs. Stacey Akre
Mr. Harold & Mrs. Carol Alley
Mr. Randy Allworth
Mr. Toby Atterbury
Mr. John Aylward
Mrs. Diane & Mr. Frank Backschies
Mr. Brian & Mrs. Carol Barker
Ms. Barbara Barnes
Mr. Stephen Bethke
Mrs. Nancy Brady
Ms. Mary Anchondo & Mr. James Brennan
Mr. Dale & Ms. Sally Brooks
Dr. Jess & Mrs. Vicki Browning
Mrs. Joanne & Dr. Clarence Becker
Mr. L. M. & Mrs. Judy Bell
Mr. Bart & Mrs. Dana Berg
Mr. Bruno & Mrs. Sheila Boin
Mr. Donald & Mrs. Iris Bolstad
Mr. Dick & Mrs. Heather Brandt
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Susan Burget
Mr. Daryl & Mrs. Illis Burke
Mr. Meng Cai
Mrs. Ann & Mr. Carl Cady
Dr. Michael Carr
Mr. John & Mrs. Judith Carroll
Mr. Jon Chalfant
Mr. William Ames & Ms. Gretchen Chambers
Ms. Maureen Colaizzi
Ms. Elizabeth Corry
Ms. Melanie Davies
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Dolores Dean
Suyama Peterson Deguchi
Professor Iain Robertson & Ms. Hady DeJong
The Honorable Robert and Mrs. Michelle (D) Doran
Mr. Robert Droll
Mr. Richard Dunn
Mrs. Anita Durley
Mr. Peter (D) & Mrs. Sandra Dyer
Mr. George & Mrs. Myrna Eaton
Mr. Wilfred Eggert
Mr. Bernard Alonzo & Mrs. Christine Erickson
Mrs. Helen & Mr. Pepe Fa’amoe
Mr. Dale (D) and Ms. Janet Fancher
Mrs. Leona & Mr. Paul Farrell
Ms. Sophia Fields
Ms. Sandra Fischer
Mrs. Carolyn & Mr. Joe Ghilarducci
Mrs. Belinda & Mr. Jack Giles
Mr. Clark & Mrs. Rosemary Goodman
Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Marguerite Goss
Mr. Thomas & Ms. Carol Graham
Ms. M. Lynn Ryder-Gross
Mr. Nick Hagan
Mr. Allan & Mrs. Sharon Hanson
Mr. Steven & Mrs. Ikuko Hasegawa
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Nancy Hogan
Captain James & Mrs. Avon Holmes
Mrs. Mary & Mr. Robin Hopkins
Dr. Paul & Mrs. Katherine Hull
Ms. Erin Jacobs
Mr. Frederick Jala
Professor Julie Johnson & Mr. Jose Sama
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Patricia Kaald
Ms. Marjorie Kaspar
Mr. Fred & Mrs. Deanna Kawahara
Dr. Richard & Mrs. Nancy Kieburtz
Ms. Karen Kiest
Ms. Kristin Kildall
Dr. Philip & Mrs. Kathy Kirby
Mrs. Renata & Mr. Michael Kraft
Mr. Kenneth Kraig
Mr. John & Mrs. Merle Lavender
Ms. Vivian Lee
Dr. T. Joseph & Mrs. Cathy Lin
Mr. Masatoshi Yamaguchi & Ms. Karin Lo
Mrs. Geraldine Lyons
Mr. Thomas Bartholomew & Ms. Sarah Mack
Dr. David & Mrs. Anita Madtes
Dr. Lynn McAllister
Mrs. Carol & Mr. James McClelland
Mr. William & Mrs. Josephine McCaughey
Ms. Jennifer Lathrop & Mr. Christopher McMuldroch
Mrs. Harriet & Dr. Galen Mell
Mr. Jerome & Mrs. Joyce Mesher
Dr. Dale & Mrs. Allison Miller
Mr. David & Mrs. Patricia Mitchell
Mr. Donald (D) & Mrs. Patricia Moreland
Mr. Donald & Mrs. Marilyn Morford
Ms. Patricia Morse
Mr. David & Mrs. Barbara Nordfors
Mr. Dale Nussbaum
Ms. Mary Parmeter
Ms. Julie Parrett
Mr. Paul Olson & Professor Nancy Rottle
Mr. Russel (D) & Mrs. Betty Olson
Ms. Andria Orejuela
Mr. Gary & Mrs. Violet Rees
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Margaret Reid
Mr. Terrence & Mrs. Wallis Roarke
Mrs. Judith & Mr. Richard Robinson
Mr. Richard Rugwell
Mr. Peter & Mrs. Panayiotis Salagianis
Ms. Janet Salsbury
Ms. Victoria Salvatore
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Janet Sandaas
Mr. Daniel & Ms. Diana Scamporlina
Ms. Vicki Scuri
Mr. Edward Sheets & Ms. Ronda Skubi
Mr. William Skinner
Kris Snider
Ms. Margaret Staeheli
Mr. Matthew Suhadolnik
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mary Svendsen
Mrs. Hisako Tada
Mr. Robert Thiel
Mr. Lee & Mrs. Donita Walker
Ms. Patricia Thompson & Mr. Curt Warber
Mr. Edward & Mrs. Sara Watson Jr.
Mrs. Janice & Mr. Peter Werle
Mr. John & Mrs. Lucy Werner
Mrs. Helen & Mr. Clay Wertheimer
Ms. Audrey West
Mrs. Carolyn & Mr. Charles Whiteman
Mr. Alonzo & Mrs. Christine Whitner
Ms. Cheryl Teague & Mr. Steven Whitney
Mrs. Camille & Mr. Bruce Winter
Mr. Daniel Wojtala
Mr. Jeremy Woland
Dr. Kenneth Yocom
Abbotsford Concrete Products
American HydroTech / D-Seven
Brennan Associates PLLC
Cedar Grove Composting
Cerna Landscape
D-Seven, LLC
Johnson Southerland, LTD
Pacific Earth Works, Inc.
Perkins + Will
Swift Company LLC
S v R Design Company
Windrose Landscape Architecture
Worthy and Associates, LLC
  • $1 – $99
Ms. Corinne & Mr. Mark Adams
Ms. Carolyn Alcorn
Mr. Gerald Alexander
Mr. Clyde & Mrs. Lois Ambacher
Mr. Alan Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Mr. Jorgen Bader
Mrs. Barbara & Mr. William Bailey
Mr. Leonard & Mrs. Dorothy Barlow
Ms. Leslie Batten
Mrs. Harriett & Mr. Philip Beach
Mr. Joshua Beard
Mr. Clayton Beaudoin
Mr. Umberto Benedetti (D)
Mr. James & Mrs. Marilyn Bergstrom
Mr. Kevin Bogle
Ms. Gladys Bostick
Mrs. Donna & Mr. Patrick Boyle
Mr. Bruce & Ms. Virginia Brackett
Colonel Michael Brownell
Ms. Elizabeth Browning
Ms. Jami Burke
Mr. John & Mrs. Marilyn Call
Bronwen Carpenter
Ms. Kathryn Christensen
Ms. Leslie Clark
Mrs. Suzanne Cloore
Mr. John & Mrs. Evelyn Coie
Mr. Nathaniel Cormier
Ms. Page Crutcher
Ms. Teresa Damaske
Ms. Joanna D’Asaro
Mr. Larry Denenholz
Mr. John Denzler
Mr. Milton Dewitt
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Nancy Dobbs
Ms. Kelly & Mr. Thomas Early
Mr. John & Ms. Gretchens Earley
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Janet Eichler
Mr. Thomas (D) and Mrs. Gail Ellestad
Mrs. Ruth-Ellen & Mr. Thomas Elliott
Mr. Michael Espenan
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Wynne Facer
Mr. Ronald Finlay
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Rita (D) Fremouw
Mr. Sean Galt
Mrs. Mary & Mr. John Gant
Mr. James & Mrs. Julie Gearheard
Mr. Morris Gjessing
Ms. Vera Giampietro
Mr. Timothy Glass
Mr. Graham Golbuff
Mr. Owen Green
Mr. Lawrence Greenhill
Ms. Victoria Halligan
Ms. Diana Hammer
Mr. Vernell & Mrs. Carol Hance
Mrs. Linda & Mr. Bruce Hanson
Mr. Brooks & Mrs. Gretchen Hawkes
Mr. John & Mrs. Yoko Helmerson
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Katherine Hilde
Mrs. Sally & Mr. Richard Hile
Mrs. Sally & Mr. John Hirst
Mrs. Virginia & Mr. John Hedberg
Dr. Janet & Mr. Herbert Hodge
Ms. M Louise Holert
Mr. David & Mrs. Jacqueline Holmkvist
Mrs. Lori Epler Hout
Mr. Philip Jolly Jr.
Mrs. Patricia & Dr. Philip Jolly
Ms. Karen Kennedy
Ms. Kathryn Kelleher
Dr. Kiyomitsu Kitano
Ms. Jennifer Kiusalaas
Mrs. Kathleen & Mr. Don Kobs
Mrs. Jolene & Mr. Joseph Kuhns
Ms. Audrey Lacey
Ms. Vanessa Lee
Ms. Maralee Leland
Mr. George & Mrs. Diana Leonhard
Ms. Amy Lindemuth
Mr. John Logan
Ms. Marian Lowe
Mrs. Jaqueline & Mr. Lorne Lusier
Mr. Ints Luters
Mr. Matthew MacDonald
Ms. Lynne Manzo
Mr. Donald & Mrs. Marianne MacKay
Mr. Justin Martin
Mr. John & Mrs. Katherine McAnulty
Mr. Joel Miller
Mrs. Karen & Mr. William Moldstad
Mr. William Moser
Mr. Michael & Mrs. JoAnne Murphy
Mr. William Naylor
Mr. Douglas & Mrs. Linda Nelson
Mr. Tsunetaro & Mrs. Madoka Nishida
Mrs. Lorraine & Mr. John Pai
Ms. Elizabeth Paine
Ms. Kelley Pagano
Mr. Neil & Mrs. Barbara Parse
Mrs. Janet Patrick
Mr. Delbert & Mrs. Martha Patton
Mrs. Virginia Glee & Mr. Sherman Perkins
Mrs. Shirley Petersen
Mr. Rolf & Mrs. Georgine Pettersen
Mr. Donald & Mrs. E. G. Pless
Ms. Luanne Smith & Mr. William Pratt
Ms. Sally Pritchard
Mrs. Stephanie Ramsay
Mr. James & Mrs. Sheila Reid
Mr. Norman & Mrs. Katherine Reinke
Mrs. Ellen & Mr. Hans Riechsteiner
Mr. Scott Riggins
Mrs. Janet & Mr. Douglas Robison
Mr. Raymond Robinson
Mr. John Russell
Ms. Deborah & Mr. David Rutherford
Ms. Kathryn Saunders
Mr. Ralph & Mrs. Ms.Judith Shape
Mr. Howard & Mrs. Carole Shiel Jr.
Mr. Roy & Mrs. Rose Sillence
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Julie Shryock
Mr. Wesley Simmonds
Ms. Sarah Singleton
Ms. Hannah Singhose
Mrs. Shirley & Mr. Gary Smith
Mrs. Janice Snyder
Ms. Lindsey Solorio
Mr. Benjamin Spencer
Mr. John & Mrs. Ellis Steiner
Mr. Ryan Storkman
Mr. Kiwon Suh
Ms. Makie Suzuki
Mr. Jens Swenson
Ms. Maria Taylor
Mr. Curt & Ms. Carol Tenzler Jr.
Mr. Paul Thienes
Mr. Preston & Mrs. Mary Troy
Ms. Shelby Upton
Mr. Wallace & Mrs. Lois Waara
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Jane Wagstaff
Mrs. Marilyn & Mr. Harry Wall
Mr. David & Mrs. Betty Walters
Mr. Lee & Mrs. Isabel Wheeler
Ms. Katherine Wimble
Ms. Jeanie Yoon
Bon Vista LLC
The Coie Family Trust
Neutral Ground Design, LLC
State of Washington