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Future Food Forest: Radical Landscapes for Uncertain Times

Students in the summer studio led by Elizabeth Umbanhowar present their installation for the Seattle Design Festival titled “Future Food Forest: Radical Landscapes for Uncertain Times”. The festival took place August 20th and 21st at Lake Union Park from 10-7. Their installation at the Seattle Design Festival represent what a loss of biodiversity would look like from present into the future. Visitors could dye pieces of fabric at the altar presented in the middle of the archway that displayed different native Pacific Northwest plants.

In this studio, students were encouraged to think of landscape as a library and how we can preserve flora and flauna in changing climates. Their final project considered how urban forests can potentially help the loss of biodiversity that we are seeing in current times as well as how to cope with environmental grief, a common side effect of realizing the disastrous outcomes of a rapidly changing landscapes.