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Transit + Civic Landscape Systems

Course Instructors

Julie Johnson

Course Date

Winter 2017

Course Type

Graduate & Undergraduate Studio

Course Description

Looking to foster more resilient urban systems and healthier neighborhoods, this studio took on design processes that engaged community members in civic landscape design, focusing on the systems that support residents’ day-to-day life and improve ecological and cultural qualities across timeframes and spatial scales.  The surroundings of Seattle’s planned North 130th Street Light Rail station served as the neighborhood of focus, with connections reaching east to Lake City and west to Bitter Lake neighborhoods. The students collaborated with varied community members, particularly those active in the local Neighborhood Greenways groups.

Students examined how to enrich, expand, diversify, and connect civic landscape systems in the context of this future station and related development as a new Urban Village, particularly addressing pathways, parks, schools, community gardens, wetlands and other habitats. As they tested concepts of resilience, they sought innovative design approaches to address systemic change—coming from multiple sources and offering multiple benefits towards ecological and social well-being and justice.

LARCH 402+503 Studio Booklet