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MLA Degree Requirements

The department offers two MLA degree programs. The first professional degree (MLA I) program is offered to those from a wide range of educational backgrounds. This program does not require a design degree or education/ training. The first year of this program will focus on developing design skills and knowledge. The second professional degree (MLA II) program is for those with previous degrees in architecture, landscape architecture or other design professions.

The following outlines our general requirements for the MLA degree. However, specific program requirements are arranged to fit each student’s individual background. Seminar and field courses are selected to help students achieve their educational goals and develop a credible specialty area within landscape architecture.

Students with a previous degree in landscape architecture begin their coursework with the Required Graduate Curriculum studios. Students from other educational backgrounds (no design degree) begin with the Basic Core design studios. The Required Graduate Curriculum sets the academic work required for the degree at 70 approved credits (400+ level). In addition, a specialization must be developed in the area of a student’s individual interests, which is worth 12 credits. This encourages students to deepen their knowledge in a particular area, while maintaining substantial flexibility for each individual.

A thesis or capstone project is required of all Master’s students. This is a creative, scholarly project which includes a rigorous written or design component. The thesis process allows students to develop greater intellectual maturity through independent inquiry, and to demonstrate mastery of a specialized subject area. Students select an appropriate methodology for the thesis in cooperation with their thesis advisor, and present the final product in either written and graphic form, or only written form.


If you have any other questions, please contact the MLA Program Coordinator Julie Parrett.

This degree leads to licensure. For further information refer to the following table.

In order to graduate, students must meet university and departmental requirements.

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