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Drawing in Design Lecture: Chip Sullivan + Elizabeth Boults – Friday 4/5


Have you ever been alone in the woods and felt an eerie presence? Throughout human history, nature was long thought to be animated by unseen forces. The landscape was alive with deities and mystical entities who personified natural features and events.

This lecture will explore nature-based archetypes and folklore from cultures across the world to call forth the voice of the genius loci—the spirit of place—and reveal the creative forces and hidden currents of nature. We shed light on the ecological imperatives of our time by reframing traditional archetypes through a unique lens that overlays art, nature and metaphysics. Connecting with larger themes of nature can help people rediscover the energy and magic in the landscapes around them and provoke positive action towards their preservation.


Friday, April 5, 2024  | 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Gould Hall | Room 322

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Chip Sullivan and Elizabeth Boults are experienced collaborators with established reputations as authorities in their discipline. Chip is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in landscape representation and illustration as well as innovative, energy-conserving design. Elizabeth has particular background in environmental design history and communication; both are considered motivational and inspirational teachers and mentors.

More details about our Drawing in Design workshop series can be found here: