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Design Foundations Studio 2018

Course Instructor

Iain Robertson + Liz Browning

Course Date

Autumn 2018

Course Type

LARCH 401 Foundation Studio

L ARCH 401 is an introductory studio, a foundation for subsequent courses that explore project design in varied contexts and scales. It introduces students to theory and practice of landscape design and site planning ­­by doing, observing, reading & reflecting. We use the word ‘landscape’ holistically. Landscapes are complex, dynamic, interactive and evolving systems. This studio is taught along courses in (1) site planning, (2) landscape graphics, and (3) grading and drainage. Together they lay the foundation for learning to plan, design and represent or depict, places/environments that are functionally, aesthetically, ecologically, and psychologically enriching while aspiring to be “sustainable” as urban ecological designs.

The slideshow above is from the introduction to the final design review. Here’s a link to the PDF.