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En Route: Georgetown + South Park Connection

Course Instructors

Brian Gerich

Course Date

Autumn 2017

Course Type

Advanced Undergraduate Studio

Course Description

The Neighborhood Design Studio has been keenly focused on delivering a design package that would represent the community desire. The hard work and rich data found in: Duwamish Restoration, Vision and Change Over Time by Cari Simson, The Georgetown Green Space Vision Framework and The South Park Green Space Vision Plan helped frame the foundation of the studio process and serves as a robust source of analysis and community effort. In those documents, Georgetown and South Park have expressed that a safe connection between the two neighborhoods is not only wanted, but is necessary. Rather than repeat the rich content of those robust resources, students built upon it to further their site analysis and design framework.

The studio engaged a diverse group of community members at a variety of community meetings. The primary goal was to prompt opportunities for listening and learning from the community, without repeating the activities, research, and processes that were so thoroughly covered in the vision processes. With careful planning, students asked participatory questions, inspired personal anecdotes and stories from residents, and were invited to contribute as welcomed participants in the community meetings. For many students, this was their rst experience in a community meeting. That process is a foundation of this collection of work.

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