Brian Gerich


With a background in architecture and landscape architecture, Brian collaborates on interdisciplinary design projects as a project architect, designer and installation artist. He has led diverse projects- from the small-scale life-cycle design of recycled material fabrication and disassembly to large-scale green roof parks that negotiate the threshold between ‘natural’ and ‘technological’ environments. His professional work has received local and national design award recognition and been published internationally.

Brian’s work and research are driven by skepticism of a perceived separation of human and natural environments and an awareness of the negative by-products of ‘out-of-site-out-of- mind’ approaches to systems, architecture, landscape and urban design. As a proactive board member of Architects Without Borders-Seattle, he focuses on design agency as a catalyst for the integration of community, natural and infrastructural systems. He has initiated both local and international AWB-S projects that seek to identify and bridge gaps between existing complex social, economic and ecological systems and underserved communities.

Brian received a dual Master degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia.