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Ben Spencer wins a PID Global Award


This year Professor Ben Spencer’s work  in Lima, Peru has been awarded a Public Interest Design Global Award by Ecole Spécial d’Architecture, Design Corps and the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) Network for going beyond physical design impacts to achieve benefits at multiple levels and scales within the community. The project, “Comunidad Ecologica Saludable” focus area was a city in Northern Lima Peru,  Lomas de Zapallal (LdZ) which is characterized as an informal urban “slum.”  It has a population of 27,000 and is divided into 19 neighborhoods.

The Comunidad Ecologica Saludable (CES) (Healthy Ecological Community) program is providing residents of Eliseo Collazos (EC). The project involves the design and implementation of 29 home gardens in EC.  The gardens provide spaces for participating households to relax, socialize and cultivate plants. The FC project involves the investigation of fog water as an alternative water resource for drinking, household use and the irrigation of home gardens, community parks and reforestation.

This project is part of an ongoing relationship between Professor Spencer and Ldz that has resulted in numerous projects being implemented.  To read more about this work, take a look at the following websites:

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