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UW Team takes Third Place in Seoul

Shu Keui Hsu (MLA), Janice Chen (BLA) and Youngsuk Jun (MLA)

On October 31st, 2013, a University of Washington Team consisting of both graduate and undergraduate landscape architecture students went to Seoul, Korea to compete in the final round of Seoul Urban Design 2013 competition. The theme of the competition was “Toward Urban Integration”, focusing on the eco-friendly regeneration of the expressway, Jemulpo-gil and the adjacent blocks in the west region of Seoul. The competition had around 200 teams from 22 countries in the first round. Among the teams, 10 finalists were chosen to compete in the final round in Seoul City Hall.

Their design concept, “Dynamic Urbanism – Green Walk”, was about regenerating and revitalizing the public realm, turning the site into a catalyst for reconnecting the area’s broken urban fabric. The design used the spatial strategies of pushing across and pulling up the terrain to make the project a landmark for the community. The team took 3rd place with two other teams. The other wining teams were from Harvard, Korea University and MIT. The team felt that competing against teams from other prestigious university’s was a great learning opportunity for their studies. Below are pictures of their final boards, click to see larger version.


Final Board


Final Model