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UW//LA TeaTalk No. 2 | Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University


Bring your tea mugs!




Wed 11/6 | UW//LA  Professional TeaTalk Series

Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University – Post-Disaster Rebuilding: Children’s Lost Landscape after 3.11

4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

After 3.11, the children and youth of Minami Sanriku town lost not only the landscape of their homes and neighborhoods, but also their outdoor spaces for play. Their sense of loss was serious, but some of them were encouraged to do positive by taking part in the recovery process. This presentation will show the situation at the time of the disaster evacuation, and how the children and youth worked together in a participatory process for proposing their plan for recovery.


Isami’s bio can be found here: