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City Rebelling, City Remaking | Chair Jeff Hou’s New Books

insurgent 2

Jeff Hou has two new books published in Taiwan this autumn. The first book, 城市造反 City Rebelling, is a translated and re-edited version of Insurgent Public Space (Routledge 2010) which received the Places Book Award in 2012. The new version is a collection of ten chapters from the original book with the addition of a new chapter on peri-urban activism in Hong Kong written by Shumei Huang (BE PhD 2012). The second book, 反造城市 City Remaking, is a companion volume with case studies of bottom-up city making in Taiwan, written by local activists and activist/scholars, ranging from survival tactics of illegal market vendors to community resistance against urban redevelopment. Jeff will be in Taiwan on October 25th and 26th to launch the books. A series of forums and walking tours have also been organized to engage the audience in the issues and ongoing activism. (Cover art work by Candy Bird)