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1996 Gordon Varey Memorial Garden

In 1996, a Memorial Garden to Gordon Varey, former dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and was conceived by Associate Professor Daniel Winterbottom as a tribute after his untimely death in 1995. The students felt a garden; a meditative place best reflected the qualities of gentleness and commitment to craft and design that so much characterized Mr. Varey. A series of quotes, taken from the memorial service were etched into the paving. The design creates a series of places for reflection and meditation. Through the design a series of gardens were created including a Woodland Garden, Ornamental Grass Garden, Medicinal Garden, Bamboo Forest and a Butterfly Garden. A raised wooden boardwalk that also provides a link between a paved gathering plaza to a viewing pavilion connects the gardens. The garden is also composed of a series of open paced and turf spaces in which college activities are held.