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“Landing is the first act of site acknowledgement, and it marks the beginning of the odyssey of the project. Landing usually invokes displacement and change of speed (as in arrival), but it also conveys the idea of touching ground and reaching for the confines of an unknown world. It describes the specific moment when a designer still does not know anything about a place and yet is prepared to embark on a lengthy process of discovery. Landing, therefore invokes the passage from the unknown to the known, from the vastness of the outside world to the more exact boundaries of a specific project.”

Christoph Girot, 1999

Building from the ideas embedded in Girot’s writing, the students initial foray onto the site was open-ended. They were to draw inspiration from their surroundings, and to creatively translate these early impressions into a mode of representation of their choosing.

Rachel Anderson

Malene Gammelby

Shoji Ishizuka

Hyunsang Kim

April Mulcahy

Yueting Ni

Hyungbae Park

Tori Shao

Malin Weiss-Anderson

Incheol Yang