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“Grounding is about reading and understanding a site through repeated visits and studies. The site contains both a residue and a promise; its surrounding context, its soil, climate, water, ecology, and history are unique and special. Thus, grounding has less to do with the individual imagination than with careful research and analysis….Grounding is a process implying successive layers, both visible and invisible. Sometimes the most important aspect of a given site is almost intangible. It is not necessarily what remains visible to the eye that matters most, but those forces and events that undergird the evolution of a place.”

-Christoph Girot, 1999

Building from the more ephemeral work of the LAND assignment, the students began to generate layers of understanding that would provide the foundation for conceptual thinking regarding a process-based approach for considering the design and future management of the Wayne Golf Course.

Rachel Anderson & Malin Weiss-Anderson

Malene GammelbyShoji Ishizuka

Hyunsang Kim

April Mulcahy

Yueting Ni

Hyungbae Park

Tori Shao

Incheol Yang