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“[T]he act of founding is…a reaction to something that was already there. The solution can be as ephemeral as a stage set, or it can take place gradually over an extended period of time… [A] well founded project remains clear in its approach and resolution, extending the legacy of a place toward a productive future.”

-Christoph Girot, 1999

The culmination of the studio provided the opportunity for each student to synthesize the information they had collected and analyzed into a conceptual proposal that highlighted a set of potential future uses of the site. Ranging from wildlife sanctuary to urban farm to amusement park each of the proposals serves to stretch the imagination while considering the role of conservation in the 21st century.

Rachel Anderson

Malene Gammelby

Shoji Ishizuka

Hyunsang Kim

April Mulcahy

Yueting Ni

Hyungbae Park

Kristen Qiu

Tori Shao

Malin Weiss-Anderson

Incheol Yang