Windy Bandekar

Windy comes to the College of Built Environments with a career spanning 12 years. Her teaching experience includes interdisciplinary foundational studio courses, advanced-level electives, and graphic communication courses in Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Interior Design programs.

Windy’s past research centered on creative collaboration, including co-authoring and presenting several papers that explore the intersection of building architecture and landscape architecture, asserting the need for more collaboration in these shared spaces. In addition, her research has focused on design processes and how they can be used to generate empathetic designers and more relevant and equitable spaces.

Windy has received international recognition for her design achievements, including winning the 2019 Chaumont Garden Festival Prix Du Design.

Currently, Windy is exploring the phenomenon of migration through the lens of collaborative design within communities. Her ethos is rooted in the belief that spaces must be relevant, meaningful, and functional to the individuals and communities they serve. Windy is committed to empowering her students to engage and grapple with the world around them, incorporating empathy and collaboration into their expression of successful design.

Along with her teaching experience Windy comes with experience in both professional practice and government service.  Windy has operated a small practice focusing on residential landscape, as well as working for several local landscape architecture firms, including working as a project manager at GGN.  More recently Windy works as a project manager for the Seattle Design Commission.