Shawn Stankewich

Shawn Stankewich is a licensed landscape architect currently practicing with Swift Company in Seattle. With a background in ecology, design, and environmental philosophy, Shawn has an interest in the application of landscape architecture to environmental issues with a focus on didactic landscapes and ecological infrastructure. He is dedicated to generating solutions that reduce human impacts on the environment and create a stronger bond between natural systems and culture.

Shawn’s experience with the application of digital technology to the visualization and documentation processes spans projects of all scales, from university campuses to urban roof decks. His current work with Swift Company includes managing the firm’s information technology needs and building strategies to leverage digital technologies in the delivery of design to Swift’s wide range of clients. Shawn manages projects with a variety of presentation and implementation needs and has over 7 years of professional experience providing leadership on complex projects and delivering high quality design services.

Shawn was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, where he received Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees from the University of Manitoba. During his years of study, Shawn developed a passion for learning and teaching and held teaching assistant and lecturer positions. His previous academic and professional work in Manitoba included researching prairie ecosystem water issues and proposing solutions that combine aspects of environmental sciences, engineering, and educational philosophy.

Shawn is also a tabletop game designer and is active in the Seattle indie design scene where he organizes mentorship events and helps facilitate collaborative design within the community. A member of the Flatout Games board game design collaborative, he helps design, playtest, develop, market, publish, and distribute hobby board games around the world.