Sara Jacobs

Ph.D. Candidate

Sara Jacobs is a practicing landscape designer and PhD candidate at the University of Washington. Her intellectual and creative approach to landscape architecture is grounded in an exploration of the often unseen and unnoticed overlaps and intersections that define human relationships with landscape. Sara positions landscape as a tool for activism that can conceptualize current conditions and as a set of spatial tools for actively remaking the built-biophysical world. Her professional experience includes work as a landscape designer at SCAPE Landscape Architecture, where she helped to lead landscape-scale urban design and waterfront projects, and at OPSYS Landscape, where she focused on mapping and visual representation as a medium for revealing environmental, political, and infrastructural intersections.

In her current research, Sara draws on political ecology, environmental history, and visual representation to consider how site, as form of environmental knowledge, is drawn, represented, and materially produced within urban ecological design. Sara has an MLA from Harvard University and BA in Architecture and Conservation Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.