Jason Medeiros


Jason’s motivation for entering the design field comes from twelve years working in environmental education, teaching in underserved communities, and a desire to bring creative and educational works to the public realm. He holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, a field chosen because of its flexibility, ties with ecology, and his desire to work with interpretive landscapes and outdoor spaces. This breadth of experience gives Jason a unique outlook on education, one that emphasizes embodied learning–connected with place, activity and exploration. The same experience also drives an interest in places imbued with lessons and stories, places that speak to our sense of aesthetic, responsibility and intellectual curiosity. He continues to teach 6th grade science with Rainier Scholars, an after school program dedicated to educational excellence for students of color.In addition to his work with youth and design, Jason has a long history and appreciation for ecology and genetic research. He holds a master’s degree in soil science, specializing in analysis of microbial communities.