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NW Faculty Exchange


The NW Faculty Exchange is an active venue to engage in collaborative conversations relevant to landscape architecture in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and British Columbia. These conversations provide a thoughtful mix of thinking across diverse topics in Landscape Architecture to rouse reflection and frame action. The organizing topic for this academic year is Stir Well framing the need to shake-up set assumptions to engage in contemporary wicked problems, tricky subjects, and thorny issues of design and environment in our region and beyond.

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Waterscapes: The Dynamic Moving Whole

Katy Kraszewska, Washington State University with Nancy Rottle, University of Washington

Muddled Uncertainty and Mixed Futures: Crafted Landscape Scenarios of Change

Dan Cronan, University of Idaho with Kees Lokman, University of British Columbia

Happening Now

Fionn Byrne, University of British Columbia with Jolie Kaytes, Washington State University

Entangled Meshworks

Mark R. Eischeid, University of Oregon with Daniel Cronan, University of Idaho

Landscape Lifecycles: Waste, Abandonment, and Opportunities

Catherine De Almeida, University of Washington with Michael Geffel, University of Oregon