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Announcing our 2024 WASLA Award Winners

Our UW National ASLA Student Award Winners. From top left, clockwise: Yixuan Eve Wang, BLA Merit Award, Leila Jackson, MLA Merit Award, Nat Gregorius, MLA Merit Award, Natalie Weiss, MLA Honor Award, Hanbeom Lee, BLA Honor Award, Will Prescott, MLA Honor Award.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their work to the WASLA Awards this year.  We appreciate your participation during such a busy year and spring quarter!  

CONGRATULATIONS to our National ASLA Student Award winners: 

  • Yixuan Eve Wang, BLA Merit Award
  • Hanbeom Lee, BLA Honor Award
  • Nat Gregorius, MLA Merit Award
  • Leila Jackson, MLA Merit Award
  • Will Prescott, MLA Honor Award
  • Natalie Weiss, MLA Honor Award

Each year the UWLA faculty may nominate four (4) MLA and two (2) BLA candidates in their final year for this prestigious national award.  The award is based upon outstanding scholarship; skill in the art and technology of landscape architecture; design ability; and personal and interpersonal qualities.

We would also like to thank our juries for the many hours they put in thoughtfully reviewing the work.

BLA Jury: 

Charles Anderson, FASLA (CALA), Maureen Colaizzi (City of Kirkland),
Yiqing Ethan Wu (Field Operations), Todd Yingling (Fora), Vaughn Rinner (VRLA), Wanquin Su (JA Brennan Associates)

MLA Jury: 

Charles Anderson, FASLA (CALA), Maureen Colaizzi (City of Kirkland),
Todd Yingling (Fora), Vaughn Rinner (VRLA), Wanquin Su (JA Brennan Associates)

Foundation Studio Jury: 

Biruk Belay (Site Workshop), Wanquin Su (J.A. Brennan),
Yiquing ‘Ethan’ Wu (Field Operations)

Advanced Studio Jury: 

Amber Mikluscak (Facet), Bernie Alonzo (Herrera), Vaughn Rinner (VRLA)

Technical Course Jury: 

Charles Anderson (CALA) and Maureen Colaizzi (City of Kirkland)


And finally, CONGRATULATIONS to our local WASLA and UWLA award winners!!!  We will send along individual jury comments in the next month or so.


ADVANCED Studios (click to view files)


Carmen Kwok Tunnel 2.0 – A summer installation for the activation of Battery Street Tunnel Fill Site

Lu He – Tabernacle Terrace: Leveraging Black Churches to Build Beloved Community


Carmen Kwok, Tim Seed, Griffin Cronk – The Green Seam  

Kat Golladay, Malka Hoffman – Estelita’s: The People’s Library and Garden

Special Mention

Maron Bernardino, Nathanel Cohen, Nat Gregorius, Malka Hoffman, Bernadette Labuguen, Meaghan O’Connor Lenth, Laura Thompson, Ava Ross – Tactical Regeneration

Lu HeExpanding Time and Space Along the Tiber’s Edge

Natalie Weiss – FILTER 


FOUNDATION Studios (click to view files)


Matthew Jernigan – Entangled Rhizomes: Speculative Urban Ecologies

Lizzy Gladstone – Interwoven Communities


Kiera Eason – Revealing Reconnection: Memorializing the Voices of Capitol Hill

Moegi Koyama – Activating Pioneer Square

Special Mention

Liz ForelleSimultaneous Place through Narrative

Camille Forest – Gathering in Pioneer Square

Sasha Crawford – Farsical Flow: Redesigning the Leftover Urban Parking Lot


TECHNICAL Courses (click to view files)


Natalie Weiss – All Age Gabion Planter Bench

Jill Chao, Radhika Sarda – Lenora Street Park


Radhika Sarda – My Botanical Journey: Exploring Seattle’s Flora – A Plant Journal for Plant ID Course