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Just Circular Communities

Just Circular Communities (JCC) is an interdisciplinary collaborative that seeks to envision and implement localized, regenerative, and community-driven circular systems for a Just Transition – by, with, and for Frontline communities. At the University of Washington, College of Built Environments, students have engaged with JCC topics through Participatory Action Research and Service-Learning design studios.

Led by Associate Professor Catherine De Almeida, landscape architecture, architecture, and urban planning students have participated in community-engaged design activities to explore the development of the pilot anaerobic biodigester at Food Lifeline in South Park (Spring 2022) and how the biodigester can scale up into a larger community-owned circular economy (Spring 2023).

As the project and JCC collaborative develop, we will continue to explore the potentials and opportunities for reimagining circular economies that are community-centered and can address environmental, social, and climate justice.

Learn more about JCC and the collaborative here.

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