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Book Launch: Nature-Based Allied Health Practice with Affiliate Amy Wagenfeld and Shannon Marder

Amy Wagenfeld & Shannon Marder are excited to launch their book: Nature-Based Allied Health Practice: Creative and Evidence-Based Strategies. The benefits of interacting with nature for our social, cognitive, and physical wellbeing are well documented. But how practical is it to take therapy into nature, or bring nature into therapy?

This evidence-based and accessible guide demonstrates easily workable, creative, tried-and-tested strategies for bringing nature into therapy. It includes simple and fun ready-to-go activity ideas. Using the life-course as a framework, the authors highlight the impact of nature at every stage of human development. From younger children to older adults, anyone can benefit from outdoor therapy, and different therapeutic offerings can be adapted to suit most individuals and groups. Resources are included to help assess a program’s readiness to incorporate nature, create plans to take therapy outdoors (or bring the outside in), and evaluate the impact it could have for patients or clients.

With testimonials from service users who have felt the benefits of nature-based practices, and case studies highlighting excellence in practice from health and social care professionals across various fields, this book will inspire and empower allied health and mental health practitioners to take their therapy practice outdoors.
Meet us in the Programming Room to talk about nature and health, check out the new book, experience a bit of indoor nature, and maybe make a new friend.”

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