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LARCH Professor Jeff Hou and Associate Professor Ken Yocom honored at the 2023 CELA Awards

On March 17th, UW LARCH Professor Jeffrey Hou and Associate Professor Ken Yocom were recognized at the 2023 CELA (Council of Education in Landscape Architecture) Awards Ceremony in San Antonio, TX.  Selected from a competitive group of applicants, this official recognition of the accomplishments of Hou and Yocom comes alongside these statements from peers on the Awards jury:

Jeff Hou, Professor and Former Chair, was awarded the 2023 Faculty Award for Outstanding Educator.

“Jeffrey is recognized internationally for his expertise in community engagement work and
service-learning studios. In addition, his educational reach (via scholarship, pedagogy, leadership, and
advocacy, particularly on behalf of Asian – American communities) has been extensive and impactful,
from students to colleagues, community members, and numerous diverse collaborators. I wholeheartedly
believe he is deserving of this important recognition.”

Ken Yocom, Chair and Associate Professor, was awarded the 2023 Faculty Award for Outstanding Administrator.

“Yocom is an outstanding leader, allowing faculty members to focus on teaching and research
instead of other daily management responsibilities. He also hires minority faculty members and
diversified faculty demographics among other excellent changes.”

We recognize the achievements and lasting impact of Jeff Hou and Ken Yocom on both the College of Built Environments and the field of Landscape Architecture as a whole, and are incredibly grateful to both professors for their contributions to UW LARCH.