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Announcing our 2022 WASLA + UWLA Capstone Award Winners

At long last, we would like to thank everyone who submitted their work to the WASLA Awards this year.  We appreciate your participation during such a busy year and spring quarter!   

Congratulations to our National ASLA Student Award winners:  Heewon Kim, BLA Merit Award; Reed Lewis, BLA Honor Award; Hoilok Heather Lam, MLA Merit Award; Sarah Lukins, MLA Merit Award; Erin Irby, MLA Honor Award, and Erynne van Zee, MLA Honor Award. 

We would also like to thank our juries for the many hours they put in thoughtfully reviewing the work.

BLA Jury: 

Carrie Culp, Tori Halligan, Noelle Higgins, Vaughn Rinner

MLA Jury: 

Benjamin Barrett, Curtis LaPierre, Vaughn Rinner, JB Seyfried

Foundation Studio Jury: 

Katey Bean (HNTB), Ted Benge (Swift Co.),
Steve Cecil (Steven Cecil Design & Planning), and Scott Melbourne (MxM)

Advanced Studio Jury: 

Hasti Afkham (LMN), Simba Gu, 

Kim Rooney (Kim Rooney Design), and JB Seyfried (GGN)

Technical Course Jury: 

Kim Rooney (Kim Rooney Design) and Jesse Shan (Swift Co.)

Capstone Jury:
Billy Fleming (Wilks Family Director, McHarg Center, UPenn)

Shannon Lee (Principal, Mithun)

Mary Pat McGuire (Associate Professor, University of Illinois)

And finally, congratulations to our local WASLA and UWLA award winners!!!  We will send along individual jury comments in the next month or so.


Advanced Studios


Stanie Zhang & Claire Li – Post-COVID World – Reconnecting People to Nature

Jack Hyland – Fertile Urban Form: Regenerative Housing for Seattle


Yen-Chia Pan – Mhebu Memorial Design  

Erin Irby, Erynne van Zee, Drew Landis, Adam Koehn – Exchanging Futures: Designing for Climate Responsive Energetic, Economic, & Aquatic Exchanges on the Bellingham Waterfront

Bryant Callahan, Cyrus Deloye, Dominique De Gracia The Commodore Step

Foundation Studios


Jessika Gill – Blurring the Lines between Passage & Plaza

Natalie Weiss – Familiarity in Flux


Meredith Grupe – Amplify: Pioneer Square’s Visual and Performing Arts Hub

Malka Hoffman – ARMILLA: Channeling and Inhabiting Landscapes Beyond the Binary

Erin Wiseman – Dynamism in Flux

Jessika Gill – Aphid Soap Opera: Spring in Puget Sound

Leila Jackson – Unsettling Discovery Park: Reimagining the Periphery as a Site for Social and Ecological Resilience 

Technical Courses


Rhys Coffee – Stormwater Steps


Ginger Plaster & Ava Ross – Lake City Forest Haven

Capstone Awards – Thesis 


Jocine Velasco, “Unsettling Prairies: A Critical Reimagining of Fire Management in Cities”

Ry Yahn, “Claim, Reclaim, Unclaim: Foregrounding Place-Based Solidarities in the Eco-Cultural Revitalization of a Post-Mining Landscape on the Klamath River”


Alexandra Burgos, “Reframing Farmworker Justice: Decolonizing Land Stewardship”

Jake Minden, “Cutting Out: Queer Assemblages for Alternative Design Futures”

Luyu Zeng, “Building Climate Resilience in Seattle’s Urban Forest with a Community-centric Approach”