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UWLA Department JEDI Updates

Comments from the JEDI Jam event on April 18 have been logged, and can be found here, including those added during the one week of extended posting on the 3rd floor of Gould. Our committee has started to thematically group comments, which will lead to a report that summarizes and guides next steps for our department. This work will extend to the summer and be finalized by Autumn quarter in time to inform our Department Strategic Planning process being launched in the next academic year.

In the meantime, based on continued discussion of these results and thinking about how to better embed JEDI principles into our department culture, we are prioritizing conversations around orientation and how to engage some of these issues at the beginning of the student experience. This will be discussed at the department’s Faculty retreat, and planning will occur in tandem with CBE and department orientation scheduling. As we get ready to launch programming for next year, keep your eyes out for an email at the end of the summer with opportunities and events to help welcome new students and kick off the school year!