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PAC JEDI Committee Updates


Did you know that the department’s Professional Advisory Council (PAC) has its own JEDI Committee?  The mission of this Committee is “to provide a just, equitable, diverse and inclusive forum where students and professionals from all backgrounds, and having a range of perspectives and life experiences are welcomed and supported. The committee’s work fosters this culture of justice and inclusivity both within the Professional Advisory Committee and in the larger academic and professional spheres it touches.”

This year, several members of the PAC JEDI Committee attended our JEDI Jam and a representative has been regularly joining our weekly Department JEDI Committee meetings to find more ways to collaborate in department events and help steer our JEDI work. 


Ask the PAC: JEDI Pizza Party – Event Recap

The PAC JEDI Committee would like to thank the students and the department for a great Ask the PAC: JEDI Pizza Party on Friday May 20th. The evening was wonderful, filled with important questions, engaging conversation about equity in practice, and pizza! Students are encouraged to continue using the Ask the PAC Teams Channel to send along any questions related to equitable practice within landscape architecture. Stay tuned for similar events in the future. Special thanks to Vanessa for helping