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Student Feature

Stephanie Roh (MLA ’22)

Third-year MLA student, Stephanie Roh completed a Valle Scholarship in Scandinavia in Autumn 2021. Her project, “Space For UsDesigning Landscapes of Belonging for Immigrants in Copenhagen + Malmö” focuses on the role of public space in helping immigrants feel welcome in their new homes. Stephanie notes, “I decided to study this topic at the intersection of landscape architecture and immigration based on my growing passion for landscape justice issues as well as my previous experience as an exchange student in Copenhagen in 2018, where I became aware of the struggles that immigrants face in Danish society.

Seyyada Burney (MLA ’23)

Lauren Corn (MLA/MARCH ’23)

As part of their Spring 2021 Ecological Systems studio, second-year MLA students, Seyyada Burney + Lauren Corn, explored the complicated history of Seattle’s largest city park.  Their project, “Fenced In/ Locked Out: Social Justice in Seattle’s Discovery Park” is a StoryMap that “combines archival research on the histories of Discovery Park with site observations taken inside and along the edges of the Park – this boundary is at times porous, and at others, fiercely defended at the expense of equity and justice. A short concluding animation conveys how a combination of park policies and neighborhood group pressure continues to obstruct ethnic and racial diversity in this area.”