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Faculty Feature

Professors Thaïsa Way and Ken Yocom recently published a chapter, “Infrastructural Wilderness: Seattle and the Binding of City and Region” in the new book Urban Cascadia and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice (2021,UW Press) edited by Nik Janos and Corina McKendry

In Sept 2021, Professor Jeff Hou and colleagues produced a report from their CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture) panel last year, “Decolonizing Landscape Architecture Education.”  You can find the reports here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

Professor Lynne Manzo will be presenting at the CELA 2022 conference later this month with Inye Wokoma, Founding Director of Wa Na Wari, and Dr. Kristin McCowan, University of St. Louis to discuss their research and community organizing efforts for Black homeowners and artists in Seattle’s Central District.