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CBE Diversity Council Updates

CBE BIPOC Lunch: On Wednesday, February 23rd, the College of Built Environments’ Diversity Council hosted its first BIPOC Student Lunch at the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center on Wednesday, February 23. The aim of the lunch was to provide a fun, inclusive space for BIPOC students from the different CBE disciplines to meet and converse.

The lunch was a great success! We had a lively group of folks from all departments and we look forward to hosting another BIPOC student lunch in the Spring quarter. Thank you to those of you from the LARCH Department that RSVP’d and were able to join us! We hope to have even more people attend next quarter, so keep an eye out for details coming to you soon!

Cohort Hire Updates: The CBE Diversity Council has taken an active role in the College’s faculty cohort hiring process. The Council worked with Ken Yocom as the head of the CBE Cohort Hiring Committee to ensure that the evaluation criteria used to assess each applicant’s qualifications included items about whether and how they address issues of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. This was an important way to express our commitment to JEDI concerns and ensure new faculty share those values.

In addition, at least one member of the Diversity Council attended each of the 21 candidate presentations that were hosted across the five college departments to ask candidates how they see their work advancing efforts of justice and equity in their discipline and why they feel this work is important. Finally, the post-talk surveys that all CBE members were invited to complete after each candidate’s public presentation included questions around the perceived strengths and weaknesses in furthering the College’s equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts through their work.

EDIfy: The Inaugural College EDI Film Festival! Coming this Spring
This May, the College Diversity Council will be launching its first mini Film Festival! EDIFY will feature several short films in an uplifting celebration of the possibilities that diverse ideas and communities can bring. This event will be open to all members of the CBE Community. Be on the lookout for more details at the start of Spring quarter!

EDIfy  (ˈɛdɪˌfaɪ)

  1. to instruct in such a way as to improve, enlighten, or uplift morally, spiritually, or intellectually
  2. Archaic  to build; establish