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Carbon Leadership Forum Member Impact: Sofia Segebre, BLA

Sofia Segebre, BLA ’21, has been working with the UW’s Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) since April of 2020 where she’s been supporting the team with general program administration as well as facilitating community outreach and collaboration.
In February 2021, Sofia shared her motivation to reduced embodied carbon admissions in CLF’s Member Impact feature.

Sofia Segebre

CLF staff and undergraduate student; BLA Landscape Architecture, University of Washington

Working with the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) has opened my eyes to see that coming together can make a difference and that we can mitigate our carbon print on earth. I am a student at the University of Washington majoring in Landscape Architecture where I first learned the significance of embodied carbon.

I knew that carbon emissions are a pressing issue and entering the field my objective has been mending the effects of pollution with the idea that architecture and nature shake hands. In other words, building environmentally conscious. I began asking myself how reducing carbon globally was possible and understanding that as a designer I had a responsibility. Last year I began working with the CLF and have seen how hundreds of individuals and organizations join the vision.

It is really inspiring to see the CLF grow because it gives this generation and the following hope of a cleaner, more sustainable future. It has provided me with a guiding platform and network to reach my objective as a landscape architect in doing my part to reduce embodied carbon. I am motivated to be a part of the CLF because we are a growing group of humans coming together, educating each other, producing alternative resources, and innovating the planet for the purpose of a healthier environment to live in.

This story originally appeared on the Carbon Leadership Forum website. You can also join the CLF community so they can get a first hand look at the outreach and collaboration that Sofia has helped enable.