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2005 Design Rescue: Aceh

On December 26, 2004, a series of earthquakes caused tsunamis impacting nine countries in South Asia and leaving more than 100,000 dead and a further 2 millions forced from their homes. Over 10 countries are affected as far away as Somalia and Kenya with Aceh province in Indonesia and Sri Lanka said to be worst hit (Architecture for Humanity).

This studio was an attempt to assist local and international efforts to rebuild communities and ecologies in the region, with Aceh Province as a particular focus. The goal of the studio was to explore how landscape architects can engage in the current and long-term recovery efforts in the region. This studio was also part of a network of individuals and programs around the world that are currently investigating strategies and approaches toward sustainable community and landscape recovery in the tsunami-impacted region.

The results of the studio included a set of prototypical designs to envision a long-term, community-based recovery and rebuilding process focusing on conditions in Aceh. Individually tailored to address a set of issues and conditions, these prototype designs are meant to enable local communities to take actions and to be adapted to address specific needs on the ground. Together, each design can also support each other to address diverse needs in the communities and the interrelated nature of the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Local communities and aid organizations are welcome to adapt and improvise these design strategies.

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