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2003 UW Healing Garden

In this collaborative studio students from Fine Art and Landscape Architecture under Associate Professor Daniel Winterbottom and Professor John Young worked with the center personnel to design and build a healing garden.

The project, entitled “The Wing Garden’ ” is intended to be a garden of transformation, where patients, staff and visitors can come and feel transported for a moment from the smells, lighting and geometry of the medical facility. A large survey had been conducted a year prior to the project and students used this data to inform their design proposals. Following a week of research into the principles and technologies of healing gardens the class developed the following goals:

  • The creation of four spaces separated by a lattice that would provide privacy but allow some visibility.
  • Use a palate of plants that offer a variety of smells and attract wildlife.
  • Use forms that are curved to counter the functional geometry of the center.
  • Create through seating and the planter forms spaces that users use for either socializing as groups or couples or use as individuals for contemplation.
  • All elements must be removable thus all components needed to be designed to be taken apart.
  • Preserve and maximize the existing views of the water and surrounding hills.