Urban Ecological Design Minor


The focus of the Department is Urban Ecological Design, which integrates site, landscape and people, in a design practice that is functional, artful, and engaging. Urban Ecological Design is an emerging issue locally, nationally, and globally, distinctive from the foci of other Landscape Architecture programs. It fits well with our faculty strengths, as well as the context of our region. It serves what we believe to be the greatest needs within the profession at this time. We have made a long-term commitment to lead an interdisciplinary approach addressing Urban Ecological Design through our research, teaching, and studio projects in four key areas: ecological infrastructure, culturally-based place making, design for ecological literacy, and human and environmental health. For more information, learn more here: Urban Ecological Design.

Program Requirements:

25 total credits, composed of:

  •  20 credits of LARCH courses open to non-majors
    • [LARCH 212, 300, 322, 341, 352, 353, 361, 363, 450, 451, 454, 498]
  •  5 credits of courses 200 level and above from within the College of Built Environments (ARCH, CEP, URBDP, CM) or from ESRM or GEOG)

A 2.0 minimum grade is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

All students interested in earning the Urban Ecological Design Minor should contact BLA Academic Advisor Nick Dreher to fill out a Minor Application Form (code is: 0-UED- 00).