Graduate Admissions

The MLA program admission committee considers applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds from within and outside the design professions who are looking shift their current career track or for those seeking to begin their careers in the allied disciplines of design and planning. In addition, the program offers excellent opportunities for practicing landscape architects to undertake advanced early- and mid-career training. The faculty is experienced in teaching a diverse student body of all skill levels. Students are offered the opportunity to tailor their coursework to their particular academic interests, and the program works to maximize each student’s experience within the Department, College, and University.

The MLA program offers two tracks: One, two-year track (MLA II), for applicants with a previous design degree in Landscape Architecture or Architecture, and another three-year track (MLA I), for applicants with little or no formal education and training within these disciplines. All applications are to the MLA program, in general, and the MLA Admissions Committee determines the track for each applicant based on a review of previous degrees and transcripts.

Candidates applying to the Master of Landscape Architecture program must apply to both the Graduate Admissions Office and the Department of Landscape Architecture by January 15 to be considered for admission the following autumn quarter.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate School requires:

  1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited United States college or university, or its equivalent in a foreign institution.
  2. A grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or better in the last 90 graded quarter hours or the last 60 graded semester hours.
  3. A GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test score taken within the last five years.
  4. A TOEFL test score, from International applicants, who have an undergraduate degree from a non-English speaking university.

Admission to the Master of Landscape Architecture program is a competitive process with priority given to applicants whose apparent abilities, as determined by the Department’s MLA Admission Committee, will enable them to complete the program expeditiously and with a high level of achievement.

Admissions Process

The first step in the application process is to apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions. This application will request the following:

  • Resume or Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Scanned Copy or Unofficial Transcript from all previous educational institutions
  • GRE (Official)
  • Scanned copy of GRE scores
  • TOEFL Scores (for International Students)
  • Scanned copy of TOEFL scores (if required)*
  • Portfolio of creative works (under 30 MB, in PDF format)
  • On-Line Application fee of $85

All materials requested by the U of W Graduate School and the Department of Landscape Architecture, must be received no later than January 15th.

*International Students are required to upload a document for this section of their Graduate School Application. Students who are exempt should upload a document that states the reason they are exempt from the TOEFL requirement. For reasons, see UW Graduate School, Memo 8.


The UW Graduate School only requires an unofficial copy of institutional transcripts at the time of application. If accepted to the program and University, an official set of transcripts will need to be provided to the Graduate School. However, for purposes of verification and program assignment, the Department requires an official set of transcripts at the time of application. The official transcripts need to be received by January 15th.

If mailing through the US postal service, please have your official transcripts mailed to:
University of Washington, Dept. of Landscape Architecture
348 Gould Hall, Box 355734
Attn: Graduate Admissions
Seattle, Washington 98195-5734 USA

If sending via FedEx/DHL/UPS, please have your official transcripts sent to: University of Washington
Department of Landscape Architecture
348 Gould Hall
3950 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105 USA

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)

The U of W Graduate School and Department require the submission of GRE test scores taken within the past five (5) years. If an applicant already holds a graduate level degree, the test scores are not required. Test scores should be forwarded to the University of Washington from the testing center in which the test was originally taken.

University of Washington Institution Code: 4854  |   Department of Landscape Architecture Code: 4405

The Department requires an unofficial documentation of test scores at the time of application. A scan or digital copy of the scores should be uploaded to the Graduate School application.

To arrange to take a GRE exam, contact the Educational Testing Service.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

International students must submit English proficiency test scores that meet the minimum requirement for admission at the University of Washington. Exam scores must be provided to the U of W Graduate School and Department by January 15th. Official TOEFL scores must be sent directly to the UW from the testing agency.

The U of W Graduate School and Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program no longer accept IELTS scores.

The Department requires an unofficial documentation of test scores at the time of application. A scan or digital copy of the scores should be uploaded to the Graduate School application.

Portfolio of Creative Works

The portfolio is a collection of material indicating your creative capabilities, graphic proficiency, aesthetic, and environmental sensitivity. It can include all range of work that you consider best highlights your capacity for creative thinking and expression. The exhibits provided may be products from crafts, design studios, professional work, creative or informational writing, or any other material which indicates your professional potential.  Briefly explain each exhibit with a clear indication of your contribution, when the exhibit includes a team project.

We now require portfolios to be submitted digitally as part of the Graduate School application. Hardcopy portfolios will only be accepted by applicants with an expressed difficulty for online access. With any hardcopy submissions, no original documents should be submitted. The Department is not responsible for portfolio materials.

The portfolio submission should not exceed 30MB in size and should be provided in a portable document format (PDF). If you wish to include web-design, animation, or video content, as part of the submission, provide links within the portfolio. Such content should be limited to no more than two links in addition to the portfolio.

Admission Decisions

You will be notified about your admission decision by email by early March.  Please do not contact the Department regarding the status of your application prior to that date. If you have been offered admission, you will be asked to accept or decline the offer through your UW Graduate School application account.  If you have received a fellowship offer, you will receive a separate email announcing your award details.

For Admitted Students:

If you are admitted to the MLA Program and accept the offer, you will need to send your official transcript to the Graduate School. Please have it sent to:

Standard Postal Mail:

University of Washington
Graduate Enrollment Management Services
Box 353770
Seattle, Washington 98195-3770 USA

Express or courier service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.):

University of Washington
Graduate Enrollment Management Services
G-1 Communications, 4109 Stevens Way
Seattle, Washington 98195-3770 USA

Graduate Non-matriculated

Under certain conditions, the Department may offer enrollment in its graduate courses open to students outside the program to graduate non-matriculated students (GNM). The purpose of GNM enrollment is to allow qualified post-baccalaureate students to earn limited graduate credit in a particular area of need. Students may apply a maximum of 12 credits earned in this status to degree requirements should they later be accepted into a graduate degree program.

Students seeking GNM status must fulfill the University’s requirements, and contact the department’s Graduate Program Coordinator.

International Students

International applicants must first confirm their eligibility with the UW Graduate Admissions Office before applying to the Department of Landscape Architecture.

At the University of Washington, an international applicant is defined as:

      • One who is NOT a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident, or Immigrant;
      • One who WILL require any type of visa to enter the U.S.

The following are minimum requirements for international applicants seeking admission to the Graduate Landscape Architecture program at the University of Washington. We welcome and encourage applicants from overseas. This process is not meant to discourage applicants but instead to assist you in making an informed choice about whether or not to invest the considerable expense and time required in submitting a complete application. You may receive additional information by sending an email message to


  • The equivalent of a 4 year U.S. bachelor’s degree. This is based on the following criteria: the country’s national system of education; type of institution attended; field of study; level of studies completed. Policies at other institutions may differ.
  • The University of Washington requires official certification of adequate financial support from each international applicant. Even if a graduate program is able to offer some funding, you may need to provide a portion of these funds personally.
  • Scores from the Graduate Record Exam (verbal, quantitative, analytical)
  • A minimum official TOEFL score is required unless you are a citizen of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the United Kingdom OR you have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree from the U.S. or one of the countries listed above.


Veterans and children of deceased or totally disabled veterans should follow the general procedures outlined for all applicants. Applications for, and questions about, government aid should be addressed to:

Veterans Affairs, Office of Special Services, 460 Schmitz Hall
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195
Telephone: (206) 543-6122.

Minority Students

The Department of Landscape Architecture is committed to maintaining a diverse student population. If academically qualified, everyone is encouraged to apply.


For housing information and application forms, students should go to

There are several dormitories and apartments in walking distance from Gould Hall (where most of the Landscape Architecture classes and the Main offices for Landscape Architecture are located.) There is also family housing options listed on the website and information for international students.

Other resources include: (Go to the Classified section) (Go to the Classified section) (Go to the Homes section, usually the Sunday paper)