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The department has created a MS Teams Workspace (UWCBE_LARCH) to post resources and build an online communication through the term. Email Nick (ndreher@uw.edu) to request access to the MS Teams page.

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October 29 Advising Meetings

October 2 Town Hall

Here’s the RECORDING and SLIDES!

Q: Would it be possible for LA 300 students to access the desks in the community design building?
A:  The College is coordinating the desk banking and not all buildings have been selected to receive the extra cleaning that is needed for students to access them.
Q: I remember Adobe having some sort of a grace period when pandemic hit last spring, is that still happening?

A: There is a discount from Adobe ($20/month) but they ended the free access from the spring.  If you check the college resource page it has the info: http://intranet.be.uw.edu/facultystaff/timely-resources/

Q: I still have library books from winter quarter.  Any word on return policy?

A: Suzzallo and other libraries (not Gould) are starting to accept returns: https://www.lib.washington.edu/services/borrow/returns.

Q: If I would like to use a computer in the Digital Commons.  Do I need to register online?
A: No need to register online or sign an attestation. You can access the 16 socially distanced computer stations in the Digital Commons with your Husky Card. Please be sure to read the Husky PACK Pledge before you come in, wear your mask, and follow the directions to clean the station.
If you’re still having any issues logging into MyUW, Canvas, and/or Zoom you can start out by restarting your computer…
Contact be-help@uw.edu. Phone number: 206.543.8531

September 10 Town Hall

Zoom Video recording

Slideshow [PDF]


Does the CBE Emergency Fund have any restrictions? Is it only for US residents?

The emergency fund is not restricted – citizens, international students, and undocumented students are all eligible for this fund. If you request funds, please make sure you indicate you are requesting through the CBE Emergency Fund in the space provided.

Should we wait to apply for the stipend until the quarter begins, like the emergency fund?

You can request funds through the stipend fund immediately.

Is the survey for CBE workspaces new or or the same one that went out around a month ago?

This is a new survey. The last one was just to gauge interest. You MUST fill this one out if you need a workspace.

How do I join the MS Teams group?

Use this link. You can access MS Teams through the desktop app, phone app or web browser application.

August 7 Department Email

Hello All.

We hope this email finds you, and those close to you, healthy and well. For those of you who presented in the Fairy Tales of the City studio a few weeks ago – congratulations – your fables were thoughtful, grounded, deeply personal, and well crafted.

It is both an exciting and uncertain time in the department. We are happy for our recently graduated alumni as they take the next step in their professional and personal futures, encouraged by our current students who are advancing in their educations, and excited to welcome a new group of students into our community.

Yesterday, UW President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Mark Richards announced the University of Washington is shifting to a predominantly remote teaching and learning structure for Autumn 2020. While all intentions were to begin school in a hybrid format with some in-person and some remote courses, it has become clear with the continued rise of COVID-19 cases that we can not ensure the health and safety of our entire community. As a result, as College of Built Environments (CBE) Dean Renee Cheng shared in her email, all classes in our department and CBE will be taught remotely.

While certainly disappointing, we do see a lot of opportunities emerging. We have spent the summer planning for multiple scenarios, and are well prepared for this transition to online learning for another term. We have learned much over the past five months, and the faculty and staff are working closely together to ensure the transition will be smooth. While we cannot anticipate all circumstances, we have thought through and discussed a variety of teaching and learning strategies for our different types of courses: studios, lectures, seminars and technology, created greater curriculum connections across courses and provided training to faculty and staff on technology resources and best practices. We were able to review and incorporate student comments and suggestions from Spring quarter’s survey into preparations for Autumn quarter. We are writing today to update you on our progress in planning for Autumn term and some of the options and resources available to you as students.

Advanced Studio Selection

On Monday (August 10th), the advanced studio preference survey will be sent to continuing BLA/MLA and new MLA II (2-year track) students.  The deadline to complete the survey is August 22.  For new BLA and MLA I (3-year track) students, you should enroll in LARCH 401 – Design Foundations Studio.

International Students

We understand the shifting federal policies for our international students has caused additional uncertainty and stress.  The Department, College, and University value each of you and we are continuing to support and advocate for you. If you are an incoming or continuing student from another country, we want to ensure that you will be able to fully enroll in our programs. If you are seeking to join us here in Seattle, we will work with you to secure your I-20. For new students, if you plan to remain in your home country and study remotely, neither an I-20 or F-1 is required to enroll.

Incoming Students

For those of you that will be joining our department in either the undergraduate or graduate program, we encourage you to take some time to virtually explore what the department and college have to offer. We are currently in the process of updating this year’s Design Prep Week and Orientation to online formats.  We will send details about content and format soon.

Department Communications

For our community conversations we are shifting from Slack to MS Teams (UWCBE_LARCH). While most found Slack to work well for our needs, it is not University of Washington approved or FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliant. Please spend a few minutes getting familiar with Teams and  post any questions you think would benefit others to the Discussion Board channels.

CBE Emergency Relief Fund

For those of you who are experiencing financial hardship, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to seek assistance through the CBE Emergency Relief Fund. This fund has been established by our community of professional advisors, faculty, friends, and alumni for the to provide financial support for you during these challenging times. The support provided can be used for medical costs, unexpected housing and living expense concerns, family emergencies, technology adaptation, and travel issues. When applying, make sure you mention the CBE emergency fund in the body of your message. All students (US citizens, international students, and undocumented students) can apply to the CBE Emergency Relief Fund.

Deferred Enrollment or Leave of Absence

While we are confident that we are providing the foundations for a rich and productive learning environment, we understand that for some of you the current uncertainty and shifts in teaching approaches and structures or ability to be in Seattle does not meet your hopes and expectations for maximizing your opportunities while in school. As we seek to support each of you, and encourage you to remain engaged and enrolled, for some continuing students, a leave of absence from the program and University may be the most appropriate course of action at this time. Similarly, for some new graduate students, deferring enrollment to either Winter 2020 or Autumn 2021 may be appropriate.  We encourage you to explore and discuss your options with your advisor (BLA – Nick Dreher or MLA – Julie Parrett).  We ask that you complete a request for Leave of Absence (continuing students) or Deferred Enrollment (new students) by Monday, August 31st.

Town Hall Conversation

Finally, we will be hosting a Department Town Hall conversation on Thursday September 3rd, 5-6:00 pm (PST- Seattle) to provide additional information and answer questions. Please plan on attending, but the meeting will be recorded and shared.

Zoom information:

Join Zoom Meeting: https://washington.zoom.us/j/98641644952?pwd=NjVlc3g0ZGhueXh1T0ZWcGUwSldhdz09

Meeting ID: 986 4164 4952
Passcode: 114488

One tap mobile
+12063379723,,98641644952# US (Seattle)
Find your local number: https://washington.zoom.us/u/acwYEk6Bs8

We are here to support you, individually and as a community. While challenges loom large at the moment, we are confident we will all face them with purpose and determination and look forward to a time when we can all gather to celebrate our successes together.


Ken Yocom
Chair + Associate Professor

Vanessa Lee
Program Administrator

Nick Dreher
Undergraduate Advisor
Schedule an advising session:  www.calendly.com/ndreher

Julie Parrett
Graduate Program Coordinator
Schedule an advising session:  www.calendly.com/parrettj

May 6 Autumn Advising Sessions

April 14 BLA Summer Advising Session

2020 Advising for Summer Quarter
April 14, 2020

Summer Course List


L ARCH 407 Summer Studio

Still tentative, but we are hoping to offer this course. Priority for first-year BLAs on accelerated sequence (target graduation is Spring 2021). Would be offered A-term only MWF 1:30–5:20.

Please complete the L ARCH 407 survey: https://forms.gle/H4bf6AQGpXehYc9k9 

L ARCH 498 Special Topics | Landscape Literacy

Jenn Engelke

It is crucial/imperative for landscape architects to engage site users through design allowing them to form meaningful connections with the land. In this advanced seminar, we will study themes of ecological literacy, ecological placemaking, and environmental storytelling and delve into strategies for effectively incorporating them into design. Through readings, research, and discussion, we will:

  • Discover educational opportunities, personal connections, and stories that landscapes tell us 
  • Identify designed landscapes that reveal past histories, present conditions, and future possibilities 
  • Explore approaches used to encourage landscape literacy and demonstrate ways to promote it within our own designs

Could count for directed elective (urban planning probably)

April 10 Dept Meeting

March 24 BLA Advising Sessions

Slides – BLA Advising Session 03.24.2020

Q+A Discussion

Q: Which courses are synchronous or asynchronous?

A: L ARCH 363/563 and L ARCH 423 will be offered in an asynchronous module format. All other L ARCH courses will synchronous and students should expect to participate during scheduled class times.

Q: Will other courses outside L ARCH be impacted?

A: This is handled on a case by case basis in the departments. Most ESRM courses will be offered and open enrollment.

March 24 MLA Advising Sessions


Q: Where can we find out if courses will be asynchronous or synchronous?

A: L ARCH 363/563 and L ARCH 423 will be offered in an asynchronous module format. All other L ARCH courses will synchronous and students should expect to participate during scheduled class times.

Q: What will we be presenting for thesis if thesis presentations are pushed back until June?  A: A: Ken will be in touch about general changes related to thesis (thesis presentations, final exhibition, work structure, etc).   If you have specific questions about your thesis, contact your Committee Chair. If they are not responding, reach out to Julie Parrett or Ken.

Q: I’m not sure how to complete my thesis given social distancing requirements, what do I do? 

A: If you have specific questions about your thesis, contact your Committee Chair/Members.  If they are not responding, reach out to Julie Parrett or Ken. Ken will be in touch about general changes related to thesis (thesis presentations, final exhibition, work structure, etc).

Q: If I am planning to do study abroad in the fall and complete the Digital Media II waiver work over spring or summer but then study abroad is cancelled, do I still receive credit for the waiver?

A: Yes.  In order to be eligible for the Digital Media II waiver, you must first apply and receive approval from your advisor (Nick for BLA + Julie P for MLA).  Contact your advisor if you have questions.

Q: Should I drop courses that don’t seem easily translated to remote learning?

A: The short answer is no.  The department has reviewed the contact and learning objectives for all courses to evaluate whether the learning objectives could be met if the course is taught remotely.  If learning objectives could not be met, the course was cancelled for spring quarter. The Design/Build studio is the only course that was cancelled. Students registered for Design/Build have been contacted by their advisor.  

Q: When should we expect to hear from faculty about how their course will work being taught remotely, I am concerned I don’t have access to necessary supplies, software, etc?

A: Faculty will try to reach out this week but please be patient as faculty are replanning courses, etc given the situation. We will share the Dept. Tech Survey with all faculty so they understand general issues for students but faculty will also do a survey specifically for their course to understand what is feasible for students this quarter. 

Q: Where can I get access to the CBE server/computers?

A: The CBE IT team have assembled answers and links to software, etc here – http://intranet.be.uw.edu/facultystaff/timely-resources/ 

March 23 UW//LA Department Meeting

Slides – Department Meeting 03.23.2020


The department has created a Slack Workspace (UWCBE_LARCH) to post resources and build an online communication through the term. Email Nick (ndreher@uw.edu) to request access to the Slack page.

CBE Timely Resources

Q+A Discussion

Q+A from ALL-DEPARTMENT MEETING (03.23.20) is here

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