Summer Quarter

The Department of Landscape Architecture is pleased to offer the following summer courses for 2019. See the time schedule for courses details.

LARCH 300: Introduction to Landscape Architecture (6 credits) VLPA

Full Term: June 24 – August 23 2019
T/Th 11:30am-5:40pm, Gould 312

This course introduces students to the history, design process and environmental concerns pertaining to the field of landscape architecture. Through course assignments, students will acquire design and graphic skills for the development of analysis, conceptual and representational drawings. Students will engage in critiques that encourage an understanding of design values and build fundamental verbal and graphic communication skills.

Course Instructor: Jenn Engelke
This is a prerequisite course for students applying to the BLA program.

LARCH 495: Quebec / Canada Field Study: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City  (3-5 credits)

June 16 – June 23 2019

This course will examine similarities and differences between U.S. and Canadian cities. We will look more particularly at current urban issues confronting communities in Canada. We will study the physical layout of cities, urban design, urban growth, problems related to the environment, governmental institutions, as well as historical, social, and cultural factors specific to Canadian and Quebec Cities.

  • $150 Scholarship award to the first 10 students to complete the course
  • Students pay $100 fee for UW Study Abroad Program
  • Health Insurance is approximately $20

Course Instructors: Professor Fritz Wagner & Dr. Regent Cadana
For more info contact Fritz Wagner,

LARCH 498A/598A Reading the Elwha: Tracing the Dynamics of Landscape Change (4 credits)

Partial B Term: July 29 – August 2, 2019 field trip + one additional planning session TBA
Info Meeting: Monday, April 29, 12-1p, Gould 100

This one-week field course located in the Elwha River Watershed on the Olympic Peninsula examines the social, ecological, and economic impacts of the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. Each day students will explore different portions of the watershed and speak with officials and community members engaged in the dam removal process. Students enrolled in this course will travel to the Olympic Peninsula and spend five days tracing the river course of the Elwha River by reading and recording their observations. Students will be camping at designated sites and are asked to bring their own provisions. Transportation will be provided.

Course Instructor: Ken Yocom
Please contact instructor at for an add code or additional information.

LARCH 498B/598B Design Studio: Walking in the Anthropocene (6 credits)

Full Term: June 24 – August 5 2019
M/W/F 12:30-5:30pm, Gould 312

This interdisciplinary design studio investigates shifting ideas, spatial forms and public practices of pilgrimage—as sacred journey, scientific exploration, public protest and virtual inhabitation—in an era of climate change, political upheaval and social injustice. Whether a mundane kinetics, or an exalted journey, walking is a deeply foundational act, inscribed at the molecular level in our DNA, and embedded at varying scales in the environments we inhabit, navigate and shape. And in an era that privileges speed and efficiency, the slow landscapes of walking are deceptively subversive, that both witness the unseen and resist conformity, resignation and appropriation. Participants will be challenged to design their own catalytic urban pilgrimage, one that links existing sites, connects people, and builds social and natural capital in an age of crisis.

Course Instructor: Elizabeth Umbanhowar
Please contact instructor at for more information.

LARCH 498D/598D Fairy Tales of the City (4 credits)

Summer Intensive: June 24 – June 28 2019
9:00am-4:00pm, Gould Digital Commons

Explore urban theory, creative writing, illustration, and design. Inspired by the Blank Space Project Fairy Tales Competition, this course is a one week lab where you will write a 1,500 Fairy Tales and create five digital illustrations to accompany the story.

All experience levels and backgrounds encouraged to join. Course will be held in the UW College of Built Environments Digital Commons with access to all the resources and equipment you will need.

Course Instructors: Anca L. Szilágyi (author of “Daughters of the Air”) and Mackenzie Waller
Please contact instructor at for more information.