Internships + Jobs

The Department of Landscape Architecture encourages students to gain experience in practice while earning their degree. The Department works with local firms and agencies to arrange mutually beneficial opportunities for hosting students.

Typical students are in the last year of their degree program and have successfully completed a breadth of courses including design studios, plants, CAD and other computer software, and professional practice. They have also produced a set of construction documents for a small project. Students contact firms or agencies to arrange interviews and determine interest in hosting a student. Students may earn academic credit from the Department and/or financial compensation from the firm/agency. Criteria for determining the type of compensation, as well as other additional information, can be found in the LARC 476/601 Internship Course Description.

Skills you could expect a student to possess (practicum or internship):

• Understanding  of  design  and  design  process
• Basic  understanding  and  experience  with  CAD,  GIS,  and  Adobe  Creative Suite
• Basic  understanding  of  construction  documentation  set  and  process  (have  completed  Large  Scale  Construction  studio)
• Basic  understanding  of  plants  and  natural  systems
• Basic  understanding  of grading  and  drainage
• Experience  building  models
• Experience  producing  illustrative  plans,  sections,  and  vignettes
• Experience  documenting  site  through  drawing,  photography,  and  video
• Experience  assembling  presentations  (powerpoint  and  boards)

For Students and Alumni:

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For Firms and Other Opportunities:

Please send your internship or similar opportunity (jobs, fellowships, etc.) as a web link or image file with brief description to Nick Dreher ( For general information on internship, read our information for organizations document.