BLA Degree Requirements

BLA Requirements Checklist

In order to graduate, students must meet university, college, and departmental requirements.

University Requirements

The following are the typical general education requirements for students in the College of Built Environments. (Note: the different College departments vary slightly in terms of general education requirements. This list is specific to Landscape Architecture.)

Language Skills
English Composition (5 credits).

Reasoning and Writing in Context
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 credits); Additional Writing (W courses) or extra composition (10 credits). Courses indicated as W on the transcript or WRITING in the Time Schedule count toward this requirement. English composition in addition to the required five credits also counts. (English composition plus W courses must total at least 15 credits.)

Areas of Knowledge
See list of available courses. Any course offered jointly with a course that counts for an area requirement will also count, even if not designated in its own right. The Department of Landscape Architecture requires 20 credits in each of the three areas: Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts; Individuals and Societies; and The Natural World.

Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (20 credits)
Art 190 and ARCH 200 are recommended.

Individuals and Societies (20 credits)

The Natural World (20 credits)
ESS 101, ESRM 331, BIOL 317 (Community College Botany 113 and Geology 101 are recommended).