Mithun | Westlake Park


Title: Westlake Children’s Play Area

Project: Seattle, WA

Firm: Mithun

Summary: The Westlake Park Play Area helps to support a family-friendly Seattle.  The number of children living downtown has increased by 70% over the last decade to 3,000 children generally less than 12 years old.  The play area is an innovative solution for retaining and attracting families and was achieved through a public/private partnership between the Downtown Seattle association and Seattle Parks and Recreation. Designed to respect the qualities of the 1988 park, the space provides open-ended play opportunities that spark the imagination.  It is a two-year temporary installation used for testing and learning about the management and maintenance of the play area in this intensively used urban space.  Prior to this installation, there were no designated spaces for children to play in the central core of the city.