Mithun | East Ballard


Title: A Park Promenade Emerges in East Ballard

Project: 14th Avenue NW Park Boulevard

Firm: Mithun

Summary: Mithun’s landscape architects are leading an integrated team in the design and implementation of the 14th Avenue NW Park Boulevard. One of the few boulevards in Seattle, the potential for reorganizing the street into a linear park has been envisioned by the community for many years. The advent of rapid ride transit and continued growth in the neighborhood drove awareness of the need for park space, improved safety, stormwater quality treatment, dedicated bike lanes and neighborhood greenway connections. Utilizing existing drainage inlets and road paving, the team developed an approach that would capture and filter street runoff for each block. This strategy serves as a catalyst for future street redevelopment that could result in a full mile (the equivalent of seven Olympic-sized swimming pools) of street runoff to be cleaned by soil and plants before entering the Ship Canal. This is the third interdepartmental park project the City has developed as a solution to creating new park spaces where land is a premium.