Jones and Jones | Dublin


Title: OUT/in/DUBLIN: Habitat Landscapes

Project: Kaziranga Forest Trail, East African Savanna, Family Farm, Gorilla Congo Swamp Forest

Firm: Jones and Jones

Summary: Nearly a decade of work – from master planning through the design of four exhibits – has helped catapult one of the world’s oldest zoos to the status of being one of Ireland’s most popular visitor attractions, with 1 million annual visitors.

The Kaziranga Forest Trail takes visitors on a journey through the marshlands and dense bamboo forests of India, and is home to a matriarchal family of five Asian Elephants.

The East African Savanna recreates the vast rolling plains and limestone features of the highland plateau region of Tanzania.

The Family Farm brings rural life on a traditional working farm to Dublin’s City Center, engaging children in activities of animal husbandry and food production and teaching about the importance of farms and agriculture.

The Gorilla Congo Swamp Forest habitat is based on the swamp forests of the Lac-Tele Reserve in the Congo, giving the zoo’s gorillas plenty of space with over an acre of diverse habitats similar to the grassland, forest and river matrix of their ancestral home.