Johnson+Southerland | Lake to Bay

2012 Out In Front Board Press.pdf

Title: Connect Activate Enjoy: Lake to Bay Loop

Project: Lake to Bay Loop

Firm: Johnson + Southerland

Summary: Have you ever walked from Elliot Bay to Lake Union? It is a historic route between Duwamish Indian villages and now connects some of Seattle’s most exciting landmarks – the Sculpture Park, Seattle Center, and the newly vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood. The idea for the Lake to Bay Loop has been around for decades. The new Thomas Street pedestrian bridge and major street projects are creating connections that make it possible to complete the figure-eight pedestrian loop. How can we “activate” it, get people walking and enjoying local amenities, culture and history? Our challenge from SDOT: with a very limited construction budget, create an identity and effective wayfinding for the Lake to Bay Loop so that people will start to recognize and use the Loop. The logo is incorporated into “wayfinding dots” on existing city sidewalks and into sculptural kiosks at important nodes. A website and phone apps are a platform for layers of historical and cultural information, such as “the legend of the whales” and “Thursday night pub crawls!”