GGLO + SVR | Yesler Terrace


Title: Yesler Terrace: A Stage for Daily Life

Project: Yesler Terrace

Firm: GGLO + SvR

Summary: The Seattle Housing Authority has embarked on an ambitious and exciting mission of replacing aging public housing with a new mixed-income, mixed-use urban neighborhood at Yesler Terrace that is tailored to meet the needs, aspirations and lifestyles of Seattlelites in the 21st Century. The development provides unique opportunities to simultaneously promote social, economic, and environmental resiliency through design. The Master Plan lays out a vision for streets, walkways, open space and buildings that knit a community over the site’s steeply sloping 37 acres.

Our vision is to create a diverse and inviting urban neighborhood with a residential character. The community is arranged around a neighborhood core at the intersection of Yesler Way and Broadway. The result will be a model sustainable neighborhood that demonstrates how affordable housing can be successfully integrated into a vibrant and dense urban infill project.